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Unforgettable Intimacy Gifts for Couples: A Review of The Bonded Box

We recently had the pleasure of being invited by the lovely people at The Bonded Box to be a part of their unforgettable intimacy gifts for couples. Their mission is to help others enhance intimacy & feel more deeply connected to their partners with a fun and whimsical experience. We are honored to be a part of such an inspired project! ❤️

Read Their Vision:

The Bonded Box was inspired by friendship and understanding, the true base of any beautiful relationship. For years, as friends, the founders had long conversations discussing how to better connect with the partners in their own lives.

We wish we could tell you that this idea grew because we are all pros at relationships. The truth is we have been just as susceptible to disconnection as the next couple. So here, we have taken both our failures and triumphs into consideration as we curated experiences to encourage others to bond.

There are no guarantees, but if your connection is good, we hope you find greatness, and if your connection is not so good, we hope this helps find you better. We are passionate about fostering intimacy at any stage and look forward to a world that feels more deeply connected. 🤍


Right now, they have over 10 different experiences to choose from, as well as intimacy tools such as Spicy Truth or Dare, Connection Cards, and Love Connection Christmas Stockings. We personally tried out 'The Sensory Experience', and "Oh my goodness...!" We won't spoil the surprise by saying exactly what it features, but I will tell you that we had a TON of FUN unwrapping & experimenting with each item. 💯

These boxes are exploding with intimacy gifts for couples as well as fun and that's what I think we liked best. We also appreciated that many of the items could be used multiple times, many for years to come! My own favorite part is that the boxes are focused on intimacy & kindling passion. The Bonded Box is an accurate description because they absolutely do help you bond with your significant other! ❤️🔥

A gift box with intimacy items

If you're looking for a great gift that features The Dainty Blossom Company products, you're in luck! ALL of The Bonded Box experiences have at least one of our products inside. How cool is that?! (Thank you, Bonded Box!) 🌈

We think these gifts would be excellent for: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just to tell someone you love them. They would also make an amazing Bridal Shower or Wedding gift for someone you know well! 💑

🎁The Bonded Box is getting ready for their 12 Days of Holiday Giveaway! 🎁

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"True love is not a hide and seek game:

in true love, both lovers seek each other."

-Michael Bassey Johnson 💞

A big "Thank You!" to the generous people at The Bonded Box for inviting us to be a part of your initiative to build intimacy in couples of all ages. 🌷

Don't forget to check out everything The Bonded Box has to offer at

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Have a Connected Day, Blossoms!


🌸 Heather 🌸

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