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For some time now, I’ve wanted to tell a story; but not just any story! The story of two star-crossed lovers who start a small candle and jewelry business in Colorado. Ooh...aaaaahhh! But every time I start, the blank white page stares back at me, a white abyss about to suck me in…aaaannd I find something else to do! Hahaha! But today, my heart is open and I’m feeling long-winded. So, here goes…

At just shy of 10 years together, how could I possibly describe what Matt and I have in one little post? We were both surprised to find when he walked in to Furniture Row to buy a couch that cold afternoon in January, he’d be leaving with a date that would change his life, and mine, forever. I couldn’t be more thankful that I made a complete idiot of myself that day; Matt swears he wouldn’t have had the courage to ask for my phone number otherwise (but I’m inclined to think he’s a lot braver than he lets on!) Since that day, we have been inseparable.

Fast forward to 2010, wedding bells rang for us, soft and sweet!

Honeymoon near Cancun, college-bound, Jeepin’ around, living life like everything is great! Then WHACK! Real life happened. Most of you have experienced this dramatic shift in reality, some have been lucky enough to escape it. What I’m talking about is that life-altering, tear-in-the-space-time-continuum that happens and it changes everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

What changed everything for us, like for so many others, was my health. A doctor once told me there are two types of illnesses, instance and karmic. Instances are things that happen and heal quickly, a cut, a bruise, a bump. But karmic illnesses are different; they can come quickly or slowly, and go the same way, or they may never leave you, staying with you for a lifetime. A karmic illness has a purpose; it is meant to teach you something. You’ll carry a lesson away from it, if you let it. My karmic illness had no name for many years, and it haunted me something fierce.

I knew something hadn’t been right since my late teens. I suffered years of horrible migraines, bouts of daily nausea, vomiting, fatigue, joint dislocations, numbness all over my body, breathlessness, and even passing out if I got up too fast or, God forbid, ever tried to run. Things really took a turn for the worse, and I started seeking more and more medical care during college. After seeing dozens doctors and having just about every expendable organ I have removed, (well… that wasn’t it…), there were still no answers. I was so tired of being told, “You’re too young to feel this way!” or, “You’re depressed!” No kidding! And yes, I am getting depressed. Who wouldn’t be? “If I die, make sure they do an autopsy.” Serious stuff. Yuck.

Meanwhile, Matt and I came to the sobering realization after two miscarriages that something was seriously wrong and we could NOT subject a child to whatever the heck was wrong with me. We decided to become foster parents. Best decision ever!! ♥♥♥ We loved our time with our two beautiful foster boys, two year old and 9-month-old brothers. It was hard when they were placed with kinship (family) placements (no it was really hard), but they are incredibly happy and thriving now. God had a plan for the four of us, even when we couldn’t see it!

After our fostering journey ended for the time being, it was time to focus on finding out exactly what had been plaguing me because having two children under the age of three had NOT been easy on my sick body! I had become so ill, I reluctantly had to quit my job and close a wonderful photography business I had been building for the past three years. We needed answers and we needed them soon, because I could hardly eat anything and was throwing up constantly. I was wasting away!

Then, over the next two years with the help of many gracious members of our family and friends (thank you!!!♥), Matt and I took numerous trips back and forth to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit the Mayo Clinic. There, with care from specialists in Neurology, Gastroenterology, Genetics, and other fields, they were quickly able to diagnose me with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Type III, as well as a host of other neurological problems that go along with it, including POTS, gastroparesis and Autonomic Neuropathy. At this point, Matt and I had just started to make candles as a hobby, and we made our first signature scent, Angel, for the doctors at the Mayo clinic to thank them for their kind and tenacious care. What a HUGE blessing to finally have answers! They truly are the salt of the earth!

So…Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, huh? EDS is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder that affects around every 1 in 5000 people born. Put simply, connective tissue is the figurative “glue” that holds everything in your body together. EDS is a genetic defect that causes the affected body to make damaged and loose connective tissue that can’t support tissue, nerves, bones, organs, etc. properly. It alters every square inch of my body; a beautiful, extraordinary, lovely few days of the month I hardly notice, and some days I feel like I’ve been hit by a linebacker. But most days I live on the spectrum in between...

After two years of non-stop doctor appointments, traveling to specialists, and insane treatments, I finally realized, this is it. I am going to be some level of sick for the rest of my life. Period. I needed to find a job, no, a career, that would allow for me to live the healthiest life I can with EDS. And it sure would be a plus if Matt could be by my side, as much as he can! I stinkin' ♥ that guy!! But, I didn’t want to do just anything…I wanted to do something creative! Something I loved as much as photography! During the past two years, Matt and I had been falling in love with making our signature soy candles at The Dainty Blossom Candle Co….. So why not? If you love it and it makes you happy, go for it!

So we did! And that is how The Dainty Blossom Co. was born. Life gave us soy beans, and we make candles! Boom! Life gave us rocks and we make jewelry! Bam! Life gave us EDS…and we…oh you get the point!

My karmic illness, unfortunately by proxy, Matt’s too, is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. But our lesson is: -Live an Authentic Life- Choose to live a life that makes you happy, every single day. Matt and I look forward every day to what life brings us! We sincerely hope, through The Dainty Blossom Co., we can help others reach their full potential, spend precious time with our friends and family, be charitable in our community, and meet amazing new people along the way! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to take this amazing journey! Thank you for taking it with us!!!

♥ Until next time,

Heather + Matt

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